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From House Clearance to Preloved Item

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The pandemic has no doubt had a negative impact on many aspects of our lives such as transport, retail and how we socialise. Another area of daily life where we have noticed a change for the worse is in the area of sustainable behaviours. 

Although household waste and recycling collections have continued as normal, the sustainable disposal of other household items has been put on hold until charity shops are given the green light to open their doors and freecycling groups can begin to swap goods again. For those who are desperate to spruce up the home surroundings that they have become all too familiar with during the pandemic, they are now faced with the challenge of disposing of their old household items in an environmentally friendly way.

Furthermore, the widespread shift to online shopping means that it is easier than ever to get household goods in, but more difficult to get rid of the items that are being replaced. These circumstances can lead someone to make unsustainable decisions regarding their household waste such as putting good quality items in the general waste bin or worse yet, fly tipping.

Recognising the need to help people dispose of household waste during these uncertain times, Inuse - ReUse launched a home clearance service during the pandemic in the hopes that it would keep some litter off of the streets and find new homes for preloved items.

We have been actively working with private homeowners, landlords and estate agents to help them either remove large unwanted household items or completely clear the properties in a sustainable way. Every effort is made to ensure that the items we collect are diverted from landfill. Anything that we can’t upcycle, repurpose or resell is given to charity. 

Since the beginning of 2021 we have cleared and re-sold different types of preloved furniture including bedside tables, wardrobes, coffee tables, dining tables, bookshelves and more. Furthermore, the items are re-sold at cost effective prices with smaller items like bedside tables and TV stands going for no more than £25 and larger items such as wardrobes and dining tables going for no more than £50. For more info on our preloved items go to

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