Railton Road Street Furniture

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The Railton Road Street Furniture project was a unique opportunity to work with the local community, local business and our local council to develop street furniture which highlighted the rich culture and history of Railton Road Brixton.  Working with Urban Growth, who supported the advertising and onboarding of participants, we developed a 5-week programme covering which covered.

  • Culture & History
  • Creativity & Design Process
  • Materials & Construction
  • Scale & Model Making
  • Design Review

Key outcomes

From the brief there was a huge emphasis on community engagement with an importance on highlight the rich cultural heritage of Railton Road a street knows for the first riots back in 1981. Design painted on the benches and cycle racks were fundamental elements to showcase this history. Other key outcomes were in the delivery of 2 benches, and 4 cycles racks within the designated space, whilst adhering to all outcome below. We were proud we achieve the majority of these objectives.

  • Must be accessible.
  • Must be sustainable (Reclaimed Wood used throughout)
  • Must be durable (at least 25-year life span)
  • Must be designed and built in Lambeth (Local suppliers –InUse ReUse/Metalworks organisation)
  • Must inspire, inform or provoke reflection (Designs illustrations co-design reflection)
  • Must be built with local people (Local community engagement throughout programme