Livity School Passage (Streatham)

Award winner
Divya Scialo
Streatham – Livity

Award Winner Proposal

The Wormhole: A Journey into the Hidden World of Soil

I propose to transform the passage with two murals, one on each wall, as well as a redevelopment of the green edges into mini wildlife sactuaries.

The walls:

The theme is an education on the invisible, yet fundamental world of soil. Teaming with life on a magnanimous scale, I want to celebrate this world of “creepy crawlies” in a way that engages and enlightens the public through beautiful, colourful pictures and painted nuggegts of informative text. It will be a narrative of the journey of life from above ground to below and back up again- the circle of life revealed through decom- posing leaves, flushes of fungi and the mycorrhizal networks, insect burrows and giant logs. We will be shrunken down to the size of a beetle, a nematode, a single celledorganism. My aesthetic inspiration is the artist Hilma Af Klint, whose bold abstract style describes intricate structures of the nature of life.

The green edging:

I propose to wildly diversify the plant life on the passage edging by including beautiful shade loving plants the naturally tend to grow together. This will familiarise people with how healthy habitats should appear while bringing in a little snapshot of the rural into Lambeth. Nestled among these will be an assortment of mini-beast mansions or bug hotels made from recyced materials. Perhaps we can collaborate with local schools to get the kids involved in building them. A few little signs on posts can describe the settling and name some of the common yet little known or understood plant life and symbioses.

Workshop One Design Consideration:

Wall Mural 1
Wall Mural 2

Production images