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Wood Waste Services

InUse ReUse wood waste services offer a cost-effective collection services of all types of wood waste. Our wood disposal services offer unique three-tier systems that enable pallets and wood waste to either be recycled and sent to a recycling plant, upcycled and converted into furniture or pallets collected to be sent back to pallet suppliers to encourage a circular economy.

With a wealth of experience within the management of wood waste, InUse-ReUse wood waste services aim to support businesses and local authorities ease their impact on the environment, minimise the cost of disposal and assist organisations that want to fulfil their corporate social responsibility and uphold sustainability in all their procedures.  

Recycle, Reclaimed, Reloved.

Wood Waste we can collect below (We cannot collect woodwaste mixed with other waste materials)


Wooden Packaging

Untreated Wooden Materials

Solid Softwood & Hardwood

Household wooden Furniture


Flat Pack Furniture

Fencing Products

Wooden Packaging

Painted Woods

Demolition Wood

Wood Off Cuts

Dirty Wood – C Grade

Clean Wood – A Grade

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