Effra Pallet Coasters

£ 10.00 GBP

A set of six pallet coasters with holder, beautifully made with an inlay of dark oak wood. Made from pallet wood with dark oak wood recycled from old hardwood flooring. Finished with smooth rounded edges for a sleek and stylish design and lastly finished with all-natural food-safe wood oil. Named after Effra Road in Brixton, Effra road has a fascinating history dating back 120 years. Not many Lambeth resident would realise that the borough had its own river. Before the built-up of the borough, the Effra river used to run as an open stream. It was said that the watercourse runs almost the length of Lambeth, rising near Crystal Palace, running alongside Brixton Road from the police station northwards, and emerging near the foot of Vauxhall Bridge. Effra road also had a popular synagogue which was opened in 1913, but a fire damaged unfortunately in 1956.

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