Electric Avenue Lamps

£ 25.00 GBP

Simple and ultra-modern ‘Jenga style lamp will bring light and a touch of eco-friendliness to your home. Made of 20 blocks stacked into a Jenga structure this Lamp will be an excellent addition for your home. Part of the Jenga range each Lamp is sold individually and comes with a 3amp Plug and 1.5m Switched Cable. Our Electric Avenue Lamps are named after Electric Avenue, a street name which houses Brixton market. Electric Avenue was opened as a prestigious shopping street in 1888, the first such to be lit by electricity, from a coal-fired generator behind one of the shops. Brixton was developing rapidly as a shopping destination during the 1880s, with the Bon Marche and other department stores attracting shoppers from a wider area by train and tram. Its distinctive feature was glazed cast-iron canopies over the pavements in front of the shops, so shoppers were protected from the rain. The electric lamps were suspended from the canopies.

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