Myatts Field Wooden Garden Bench

£ 250.00 GBP

Simplicity with elegance, our two-seater ‘Myatt’s Fields’ garden bench is an excellent addition for external use. All made from reclaimed pallet wood, ideally suited for patios and smaller gardens. Finished with natural cedar. Continuing with our theme of naming furniture created with pallets collected in the borough, our Myatt’s Fields Garden Bench was named after Myatt’s Fields, located in South London in Brixton. It was owned by the Minet Family who had extensive land between Brixton and Camberwell. Myatt’s Fields Park was created in the centre of the estate and opened in 1889. Several other amenities were built such as Longfield Hall, the Minet Library which is also now known as Lambeth Archives and a home for district nurses. By 1970’s Lambeth council further developed Myatt’s Fields Estates (North and South) and had it extended further west on land which had been owned by Lord Holland in the 19th century. But in recent times has been reverted into the hands of the Church Commissioners.

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