Pallet Planks

£ 70.00 GBP

Ever noticed pallets outside your grocery store, in our companies’ warehouse or randomly laying outside in your local street market? These flat wooden structures are easily overlooked and are the unsung hero of modern-day transportation of goods for commerce. These wooden constructions have played a pivotal role in the international transit of trade. With a history dating back to 1900, pallets revolutionised the commerce industry by enabling businesses to transport merchandise all around the world while also helping to store them safely. Pallets predecessor ‘The Skid’ was the initial structure used to stacks goods for transportation. But by 1915 the first forklift truck was invented given birth to what we now know as pallets. Known for its durability and flexibility to make almost anything, pallets are also a great source of wood for many DIY’ers. Notoriously known to be challenging to pull apart due to its very nature of pallets being durable to be reused. We have taken this mammoth task away and have a set of pallets planks available in sets of 50 and 100 planks. Delivered to you cut to size and completely de-nailed. Why not DIY on your next up and coming project. Available in 110cm length and depth in 1.0cm, 1.5cm and 2.0cm. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm dimensions.

Dimensions (cm)

  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Length:
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